Welcome to my homepage !

My name is Phan Anh Vy NGUYEN.

I am currently student in the final year of Bank Finance Professional Master Risk Management Specialty (BFGR) at the Paris XIII University.

I am fascinated by the banking and financial business. So I would gain the most experience in these areas.

I had the opportunity to attend the BNP Paribas’ Risk Management Group at in case tracking procedures under supervision, questionable and provisioning where I gained my first experience with the bank and in particular with the risk management domain.

Last year, I spent all my summer holidays at Coop@banque - Crédit Coopératif’s Direct banking agency. I worked there as a teller, a profession that requires a lot of organization and autonomy, contact and listening sense also persuasion spirit and pressure resistance to assume the both technical and commercial functions, which is a first step towards greater responsibility...

This homepage was created for the purpose of exchange, sharing and learning with those who were interested, are interested and will intested in banking and financial areas. I hope this place will allow me to meet recruiters to get a final-year internship and why not a job suitable to me.

So you have access to my resume , as well as my projects I achieved during my course and if you have a question or if you simply want to contact me, then the contact form awaits you.

Have a nice visite !

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